Fully mobile and optimised

Your website is your online business card. It has to be udpdated continuously and swiftly and must be in line with the latest technological trends. This is where we come in. Our website designs are fully responsive, ie they display in perfect proportion depending on the type of display tool you are using. We pride ourselves in delivering on website changes and updates within 12-24 hours turnaround time.

Should you require photography in addition to web design, we offer a complete package of photography and videography services, including drone footage. The price quoted is depending on the type of package you choose. (See our rates below.)

All our websites are designed in WordPress. Our web hosting contracts go hand in hand with our design and photography services in an effort to keep our prices low and affordable. Please see our rates below for website design, hosting and photographic services.

Here are some links to our website development and designs.

Makalani Hotel


River Crossing

Alte Brücke Resort

At the Sea Guesthouse

Camp Kwando

Immenhof Guesthouse

La Rochelle Lodge

Minen Hotel

Immenhof Safaris

Nunda River Lodge

Schützenhaus Guesthouse

Silver Spoon Hospitality Academy